Mail and Freight Forwarding service will provide you with an address in the United States that you can use for your purchases.
Shipping to Ukraine Other countries
Weight(lb) Weight (kg) Air Rate Delivery
0 - 2.2 lbs up to 1 kg $8.00 FREE
2.2 - 4.4 lbs 1 kg to 2 kg $11.00 FREE
4.4 - 6.6 lbs 2 kg to 3 kg $16.50 FREE
6.6 - 9 lbs 3 kg to 4 kg $22.50 FREE
10 lbs and up   $2.52 lb ($5.55 kg) FREE
*Above rates for Meest only      
Weight (lb)   Sea Rate Delivery
10 - 70 lbs $1.19 lb ($2.39 kg) $10-$15
Package Consolidation Weight (kg) Cost
0 - 9 lbs up to 4 kg FREE Including consolidation
10 - 19 lbs up to 8 kg $2.00 to $5.00 Depends on labor time, complexity and packing material used.
20+ lbs 9 kg and up   $2.00 to $10.00 Depends on labor time, complexity and packing material used.
Additional Services
  Cost Note
Shoe Box Removal $5.00 Per parcel
Double Walled Box $5.49  
Basic product examination $10.00 power up, basic test
Content Photo (5 pics) $5.00 * Note: service not provided for large boxes involving xtra time to repack
Rebates/Cashback FREE  
Check a package weight $2.00  
   Split Service $5.00 per each additional box Split a store order into 2 or more parcels
*Free storage up to 2 month FREE * unclaimed packages will be considered abandoned after 3 month
  Using this service means:
- Taking a complete responsibility for all payments, shipping and delivery preferences.ry preferences.
- Completing a purchase, indicating our correct shipping address along with your name as a reference.
- Shipping rates are only available for international customers using Mail-Forwarding service.

NOTE: Shipping and Billing addresses are different. You can only use our company's address as Shipping Address.

Shipping from Ukraine to USA  >  Rates
* Maximum package value should be $800 to avoid additional customs fees and charges. This service provided by
Meest-America Inc. and Rosan in Ukraine. Please call for more information.

Shopping Service allows purchase products around U.S. online stores with our resources. All you need is to place an order through our online system (supported by Bunddler).
Rates and Charges
Shopping  Service    
    $ Rates
  Shopping Commission  5%  
Minimum Commission $5.00  
Using this service means:
- Before we buy the product, we require a payment deposit from you.
- Convenient personal account, will help staying organized with your shopping and shipping progresses and activities.

Online Shipping Service allows our customers in the U.S. to mail a package to Bosmix that will be forwarded to the country of destination. On-site drop off shipping service is also available.
Rates and Charges
Shipping  Service  
    $ Rates
  Processing $5.00